We often go through life thinking that we are alone, and that the situation we’re in is unique to us, making it all the more difficult to carry out the necessary activities for our daily life and tasks, let alone family and social duties. Maabar is a safe non-judgmental caring space, where you will be offered help, support and guidance every step of the way on your journey towards wellness. Our therapy programs are tailored to meet your individual needs through an effective range of treatments, following closely the code of ethics and guidance of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW in USA). Our policy on confidentiality ensures that your private information will not be disclosed to anyone. We invite you to call us, and allow us the opportunity to help you discover how your life can be improved and fulfilled.

While we are committed to providing excellent services to people of all ages, we specialize in serving young people, ages 13­-21. We have experienced and dedicated staff, specifically trained to address the unique issues of the teenagers.