Any information disclosed during your contact with Maabar Social Consultancy Center will be kept strictly confidential as required by Social and Psychological ethical standards. Your written permission is required before any information about your contact with Maabar is released to anyone outside Maabar. This means if your parent, family member, or friend, etc., calls us, we cannot even acknowledge that we know of you. It also means if you want us to release information to someone else, we cannot do so until you give us permission in writing. However, there are four situations when we are required to release information:

  1. If a minor child is at risk of being abused or neglected, a counselor would be required to report that information to the appropriate agency to assure the safety of the child.
  2. If you present an imminent risk of serious injury to yourself. In this case, the counselor would take action to assure your safety, releasing only the information needed to do this.
  3. If you threaten serious harm to another person. Again, we would have to take action to protect the other person, releasing only the information necessary to assure the person’s safety
  4.  If you specifically request or agree that we share your information with a designated person.