Maabar is an EAP Service Provider

What is EAP?

An EAP, or employee assistance program, is a confidential, short term, counseling service for employees with personal problems that affect their work performance. EAPs should be part of a larger company plan to promote wellness and mental health well-being.

Which companies provide EAPs?

EAPs are usually purchased or funded by your employer and provided by an external organization (Maabar is the external organization). You can find out if your employer offers an EAP service by asking your manager, Human Resources Department, Union or Health and Safety Representative. If they are interested, they may contact Maabar directly. Maabar is currently the EAP Service Provider for Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital, the first company in the Kingdom to offer EAP services.

What is the purpose of an EAP?

The EAP offers help with the resolution of problems that are affecting work. These problems, however, do not have to be caused by workplace issues. Employee Assistance Programs are designed to help people understand or overcome both their personal and professional challenges.


  • Distracted by issues at work or at home.
  • Not feeling your usual self.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Missing your children/family back home.
  • Confused by the culture, the language and the ‘newness’ of your
  • Improving relationships/communication with others.
  • Facing crisis and trauma.
  • Grief and loss support .
  • Strategies for handling conflict with colleagues or managers.
  • Facing problems with addictions.
  • Handling anxiety and stress effectively.
  • Feeling depressed or down.
  • Improving work performance.
  • Assistance with financial and legal distress.


  • Needing support to help achieve your goals
  • Missing deadlines
  • Involved in conflicts too frequently
  • Needing new strategies on professional or personal goals

As a Service Provider, Maabar provides completely confidential
services. Privacy is guaranteed.